How Do You Know If Your Class Is Too Hard or Too Easy, Part 2

A question was posed: “How do you know if your classes are too hard or too easy?”

In part 1, I offered short-term solutions on analyzing whether your riders could complete what you’re asking them to do, how to read their facial expressions during the effort, and recognizing if they are truly at the intensity you are asking. Whether they are able to complete the number of intervals is another way to know if the class is too hard.

For a more long-term assessment of the difficulty of your classes, I provided some homework for you to gauge how much you know about teaching high-intensity classes.

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  1. I loved this article. I think it’s quite possible that many instructors have never pushed themselves to their limits because doing so makes talking – coaching – difficult if not impossible. It’s important that all instructors take a field or talk test. After they have that knowledge, they should practice riding their profiles on their own so they actually understand what they are asking of their classes. That alone, is a great way to figure out what cues will be helpful to their students.

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