How much are you willing to admit you do not know?

How much do you really know about cycling technique? More importantly, how willing are you to seriously assess your own technique so you can become a better coach? I share a story with you that helped me realize how important it is to really know proper technique of your sport inside and out before being able to help others improve and excel.How much do you, the instructor, really know about proper cycling technique? Every sport has its definition of perfect technique, and athletes who want to improve will study the best of the best and mimic their technique as much as possible. They will watch videos, and analyze the movement in slow motion, and they will do their best to apply what they learn.

This is what I want to inspire you to do so that you can not only improve your coaching, but so that you can improve your own technique. But first let me tell you a story. It’s a story with many lessons, but the primary lesson I would like you to recognize is the inability of some people to know what good technique really is.

I used to teach skiing at Vail Mountain here in Colorado. Early in my skiing career, about 14 years ago, I had a private all-day lesson with a woman from back east. I remember it was one of the first all-day privates I ever had, after having spent a few years solely teaching class lessons. I was elated at the opportunity, because it was what I really wanted to do, but I was also a little scared. Over the course of the day, I learned a valuable lesson working with her that I still remember to this day.


  1. Watch your heros in slow motion. Great advice! Thanks.

  2. Your cues, your observations are not only applicable to coaching indoor classes, but certainly are helpful for road cyclists like myself. Technique, technique, technique –cannot be ignored. With proper technique you improve your fitness and strengthen your body. Otherwise, you could do major damage.

  3. Just when I think I know it all, I realize I still have so much to learn! Your analogies are right on target. This is an article that needs mass publication. Great job, Jennifer!

  4. Yes, absolutely please share this one. ICA members can do so with articles like this when the purpose is to inspire other instructors to seek more education so they can improve.

    Sharing profiles and specific educational articles however is on a case by case basis! Generally that is frowned upon.

    Thanks for asking!

  5. Jennifer, this is great information. I’m curious if I can share this with some fellow instructors and GX managers (giving you credit, of course). THIS is the kind of knowledge and self-awareness that needs to permeate the IC world!

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