ICA Member Shares Hounds of Halloween SoundCloud Playlist

ICA member Ramiro Morejon is so excited to teach Christine’s Hounds of Halloween profile tomorrow. He’s been working hard on mixing the playlist and wanted to share it with you.

He left this comment on the post:

I just finished mixing the music for this ride. I am a fan of soundtracks. They are perfect to convey emotions. Soundtracks have a very well defined purpose on every ride. This specific profile with its story has been nicely crafted. Just listening to the music, my heart beats! I cannot wait till I am telling this story on a bike tomorrow night!

Very well put together! I need to put this into a multimedia ride. Super Duper Good! No other way to describe it!

He then posted the link to SoundCloud where he uploaded his playlist. You can get an idea of how he mixed the sound effects that Christine lays out for you. Keep in mind if you are using this profile and playlist, that while mixing it into one long file on MixMeister is very cool, you can still have a wonderful experience without knowing how to do that and just using your iTunes!

For those of you listening to this who are not ICA members, this playlist/soundtrack is fabulous, but without the story to go along with it, it’s hard to imagine. This is not your typical Halloween profile; it’s a fantastically fun and scary story that you tell as you flee to escape and hide and run and catch your breath and sprint away from the sounds chasing you…and it even ends abruptly and surprisingly with a “to be continued next year” (well, that’s optional, there are two endings to choose from). If you were an ICA member you’d have five Halloween profiles to choose from (and tons of other profiles of course)!

Please note that it’s not legal to provide this recording as a download, it’s just to show you how cool it sounds when mixed.

Listen to it here:


  1. Regarding the use of Mixmeister, it can be a bit challenging in the beginning if one is not used to mixing his/her own music. I have found that after a while, it is a real life saver. I can say that once I have the music I will put into a ride, it becomes really fun mixing it, and work on the transition of the songs. It takes a bit of time till the point it becomes second nature. Mismeixter is really a super duper cool tool!

  2. Getting back with the group regarding my experiences while teaching this ride!

    Overall, it went great. I love the hidden training purpose of it. I found interesting the fact that when on regular basis I try to describe road conditions, people do not usually engage very well. Yet with this story the game changed. The feeling of running back to the house, pedaling on the water, climbing the stairs to to roof of the house, all those elements changed the feeling of the ride for the participants!

    I taught it 3 times including this morning. This morning something interesting happened. Even though I explained the nature of the ride, there were 2 rude people who had me stoping my story telling at one point and asked with bad manners to play “Spinning music” 🙂 I was very pleased with the reaction of the rest of the group. They appreciated it, and lectured those two individuals 🙂

    One participant said at the end: “I have not taken vacation for a while. This was my vacation trip, my adventure. I was great. Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much for this comment, Ramiro. It means a lot to me that you saw the real purpose behind the profile. I specialize in finding ways to link real life to the work we do in class. I think it helps people understand the material I am presenting and allows them to engage in their everyday activities with a new understanding of effort and form etc.

  3. Wow! I wishI had found this before I presented my interpretation of the profile. Beautiful!

  4. I used this profile yesterday morning and will be doing it again tonight, very awesome profile!

  5. I am so jealous that you know how to use mixmeister and get this awesome ,continuous storyline!!!!!!

    1. Jody a

      The continuous version is really great – i just listened and enjoyed the decisions that Ramiro made. I don’t mix my own playlists – too little time, too many new classes to write. But I use the cross fade on my iPod to create continuity. You can get a lot of overlap and avoid the ugly gaps, especially if you are willing to change the crossfade for each playlist to accommodate the music you have chosen.


  6. I taught this ride Wednesdayand it went ddown great! I did change some tracks and altered the story a little bit. This was my favorite ride to date.

  7. So, I mixed the music for a cool Halloween ride tonight. I headed home driving and listening to the recording, thinking about the story. I could visualize the story as I listened to the music in the background.

    The moment I got home, the kids were at the table they had just finished dinning. I turned the music on, and started telling them the story as the music played. I had never seen them so quiet for an entire hour. Their eyes had perfect circles wide open. I could sense the intrigue in the air.

    This morning, the moment I woke up, I turned the music on. They rushed toward the computer, sat down, and quietly listened. I kept listening to the same question with a sense of urgency: “What happened to the screaming woman?”

    The girl, Kessy did not want to go to school. She just wanted to continue listening to the entire recording.

    I love moments like this!

    I also hope you enjoy this cool recording!


    Happy Halloween!

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