I Have an Idea to Boost Your Class Size and Retain Riders!

In early January, we usually see a trail of “resolutionists” come in to our classes. They have great intentions, they want to get fit, stay committed, maybe lose some weight. You’ve taught them about cycling technique, about HIT, about their heart rate, about recovery and balancing their training, and more. But often they begin to lose their commitment after a few months. Is there a program you can implement that will show them how incredibly fun your cycling program can be, one that will make them eager to come back?

How about those cyclists who come to your class in the off-season but disappear when the days start getting warmer and longer? Is there a way to keep their interest, and maybe even lure them back in July?

I have an idea!! 

Hear me out here, and watch the whole video.
It might be the answer to both those problems!


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  1. Jennifer,
    It’s so great to see you promoting this. I’m running a Tour de France in April to generate interest for June.

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