IDEA: Watch Tom’s YouTube Promotion for His Class (And Start Planning Your Own!)

What if you created a video of a new class you were teaching and posted it on YouTube, then shared it with everyone you knew through e-mail and any social media platforms you are on? And then you got the studio or club to post a link on their website, newsletter, Twitter, and Facebook page? It doesn’t have to be a new class; you can do it for your existing class too. It’s better if you have an announcement to make. Perhaps a periodized program you are planning? Some Tour de France classes? A fundraising event? A special guest instructor? It doesn’t have to be a big thing, and it shouldn’t be very long (1–4 minutes), but video promotion is simply one of the very best ways to market whatever it is you want to attract customers to, even just your little class.

See how Tom does it here with his new class. Then let your brain start whizzing with ideas. Over the next few weeks, we’ll give ICA members some tips on how to create effective promotional videos. It’s a lot easier than you think, even if you are not very technically minded. You may have to engage the help of a teenager for some video editing though! Or, if you are a studio owner and want a professionally produced one, we’ll refer some inexpensive video editors to you.

(Hint: If you want to offer your video editing services to this community for a great rate, or you know someone who does, please send me an e-mail at jennifer@indoorcyclingassociation and I’ll share the love.)

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