An Inspirational Song Everyone Should Have

This is not one of our weekly music suggestions, but a song that I think every instructor around the world should have. Not only is it beautiful, but the message is so powerful. Thanks¬†to Jeanne Sims of Long Island who posted it on Facebook this morning… I immediately bought it on iTunes and put it in my inspirational playlists to use at a later date. (Also available at Amazon.)

Jeanne said she put it on as her first song this morning and didn’t say a word. She saw smiles, she saw riders in deep thought, she even saw one wipe away a tear.

Music can have such a huge impact can’t it?! We have such an amazing role as coaches, to be able to capitalize on that emotional impact of music.

This would also be great in special master classes and fundraisers. At 93 bpm, it’s a great cadence for a warm-up or contemplative flat road.

(iPhone users click here to view the video)

Transfixed by the song, I then saw this:

(iPhone users click here to the video)

I think that will be my next New Year’s profile! Stay tuned for that one!


  1. Beautiful song, thank you.

  2. What Shari said.

  3. Amazing song! Thank you, Jennifer!

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