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Want to look more professional? Want to retain your students better? Remember their names and goals more easily? Then you are going to love this amazing opportunity to create your own website so that you can tell your students about your teaching schedule. Best of all…it’s free and simple! Check out I spoke with Julz Arney, Education Director for the Schwinn Cycling Program, and Master Trainer for BOSU and IndoRow about the website template that she and Renowned fitness presenter Jay Blahnik (also of Schwinn, BOSU and Indo Row fame) have created.

Earlier in the year ICA focused on ways for you as an instructor to connect with your students so they are more inspired to come back to your classes. Here is an article highlighting how one instructor does this through Facebook. This one article encouraged many instructors to create their own Facebook page separate from their personal page where they could talk about their own classes, and encourage their students to “Like” them.

I still think that is a great idea, but not all your students are on Facebook, and there is no scheduling function or way to email everyone who “Likes” you to let them know of changes in your schedule. Even better is to have your own website where you can post your schedule, your subs, and send out emails directly to your students. You can even highlight certain students to email (such as only from one club). The most exciting aspect of this software is that even allows your students to upload their own photo and a bit about themselves, so you can keep track of your students’ goals and take a peek before class so you can remember all of your regular students’ names. Never again will you forget a name or wonder what someone’s training goal is!

YourFitGuru is so easy to do. It took me 30 minutes from start to finish, and that included finding and uploading my photos. Here is my own personal website:  (Note: I have just finished my periodized cycling clinics and don’t pick up my regular scheduled classes until June, so there is a big break in my schedule)

Make sure to check out Jay Blahnik’s and Julz Arney’s websites.

YourFitGuru is absolutely free! So spread the word and get started now on your own website. And if you want, please leave the link in the comments below with your website so other instructors will be inspired at how easy and fun it is to set up their own. Whether you teach just a few classes a week, or you have to balance many classes at numerous clubs, this will make your life easier. If you live in a city where your students follow you from facility to facility, you can see that this can prove to be an extremely helpful way to keep your classes full!


  1. I this available in Canada?

    Is it available in Canada this web page

  2. I’ve been using this for about a year and I’ve found it a great tool for myself as a non-facebook user and for my participants to leave me comments or be able to contact me as they are non-facebook users too.

  3. This is great–can’t wait to do it. I started a FB page a few months ago and it’s going well, but for some reason several students have had a hard time finding it. And there are quite a few who aren’t on FB. What an awesome resource! 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for this. I have never been a fan of facebook so I didn’t have a social media link for my members. But now I do!! I already set my website up. It was fast and easy and I’m up and running.

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