Interview with Cameron Chinatti of Stages Indoor Cycling

A few weeks ago I took the Stages Indoor Cycling certification in Boulder, Colorado. ICA contributor Billy Coburn drove out from Omaha, Nebraska, to take the workshop as well. It was a special inaugural training to introduce their updated certification workshop, so all of the eight global master trainers were there.

We had the pleasure of having Cameron Chinatti, Dunte Hector, and Pam Benchley, all of whom did workshops at last year’s Indoor Cycling Summit. Then there were Doug Rusho and Dennis Mellon, both of whom I’ve ridden with before, and Lenita Anthony and Kristy Kilcup, who I can’t wait to ride with. And their newest addition to the team, Neil Troutman, who I met at IDEA a few years ago in San Diego and later in London when I did some workshops there.

So I can assure you, this entire team is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced. If you are considering a Stages certification, you know you will get a solid education and have a memorable day. 

This is my sixth cycling certification! I can honestly say that it is one of the best and most interesting certs I’ve ever taken. I know one of the challenges is to make them interactive and interesting, since it’s a full nine-hour day. Cameron Chinatti, the brain behind the education at Stages, has done a brilliant job at balancing the need for educating the instructors about power and about teaching indoor cycling, while making sure all participants are engaged and continually learning.

Another challenge with nine-hour, one-day workshops is trying to fit it all in. And with power, there’s an even bigger dilemma. How do you combine new instructors with those who have take other trainings before but are just coming to learn about power? How do you not go overboard with the information, but give them enough so they can start teaching it right away? 

Stages seems to have figured that dilemma out. There is just enough information to not be overwhelmed. But you also realize there is so much more to learn. This gives instructors incentive to come back for more. 

Stages has big plans for further education. I can’t wait to hear more about it.

Watch this video, because we talk not only about the certification, but about their educational app. With their manual on the app, any changes can be made immediately to the app and everyone will have immediate access to it. No need to send out new manuals, no need to waste paper, no need to have a delay with new information. It’s such an effective way to deliver the goods!

Let me know what you think of their app and if you’d be interested in their certification. I highly recommend it! I’ll have more about Stages after the IDEA conference. 

ICAatSTAGES from billy coburn on Vimeo.


  1. Can you please share where the App is available? Thanks!

  2. Pelotone has had our new STAGES SC3 bikes for 3-weeks now. We are the first in Australia to have them and OH MY THEY ROCK!!! I had the pleasure of meeting Dunte in Melbourne in April and his passion and enthusiasm for Stages was so energising. Cannot wait to complete the training here in September – looks like it will be held here at Pelotone too – excited!

  3. I havn’t had time to play with the app yet, but would definitely be interested in the certification. I already have certifications with Schwinn and Keiser, but the more information and training the better!!

  4. I have the initial Stages training and would love to know how to get the app also future intensives they might offer on power. Cameron is great. I got to meet her up at CU Boulder last year for their 2 day training but sounds like they might have revamped it since then?

  5. Great write and interview Jen! It was such a pleasure so speak with you. Looking forward to connecting again soon!

  6. not see the app but highly interested in the app and furthering my knowledge with the new training. I have the the first level training w Stages and with Cameron. What a gem! Looking forward to more.

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