Introducing a New Power Track on ICA

I am very happy to announce that we are starting a regular power segment on ICA. Gene Nacey will be the primary contributor, as well as a few other guest writers. Even if you do NOT currently have power, I’ve explained in this post how knowing more about power will help your coaching all around. Also in this post are the links to the relevant power posts already on ICA that will increase your foundational understanding of power and its importance.The Indoor Cycling Association is excited to introduce a regular segment on understanding and working with power. These power posts will appear every other week. Gene Nacey, the founder of Cycling Fusion, will be writing many of the power training content pages. He is rewriting his e-book on power training, and will share the evolution of his chapters with members of ICA. What this means is that you will get everything you need for understanding training with power right here at the Indoor Cycling Association.

If you currently teach on bikes with power, this will vastly improve your knowledge of how to use this incredible tool and help you with your coaching on these bikes.

If you don’t have power, why should you care?


  1. awesome way to explain form for sprints, do u use the same form for the lactate tolerance intervals?

  2. Great reminder that just because another instructor does something that doesn’t make sense that we should condone it. In passing on the “why” (or in this case the “why not”) we do risk challenging another instructor which in some instances may be politically difficult. Thanks for the exercise science to back what we are saying, hopefully we will get through to students and instructors alike.

  3. I actually had a student challenge me on this this because another teacher who is quite popular and has been teaching for many, many years never corrected her. Thanks for the cuing on how to explain the “why” of the angle.

  4. ICA just needs a Like (or Love) button! 🙂

  5. Great! Can’t wait to start listening and learning from the best.

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