Is Neuromuscular Training for the General Fitness Population?

Tom Scotto’s article last week of how to train the neuromuscular system was an incredible article – but several instructors wondered how to incorporate the knowledge into their own classes. Is Neuromuscular training for all of our students? Is it beyond their comprehension or basic needs of general fitness? You bet it is! See why Tom calls it the “Mind to Muscle Dating Service”! So after my last article outlining the connection between drills for pedal-stroke technique and neuromuscular training, one may be thinking, “OK, what about the person who doesn’t ride outside who just wants a good cardio workout? Do they need or benefit from this type of training? It is a great question and the first question asked by Carol shortly after the article was posted. Now you know I’m going to say, “Yes”, but here is some context to allow the general fitness population to relate.

Promote a Healthy Nervous System


  1. I love this and the previous article – I was explaining neuromuscular connections during some speed drills a couple of weeks ago (I think the class was a loving and very well received rip off of Toms HIIT training!)but can revisit it with more information now. I love to be able to coach my class and also teach them a little bit about how their bodies work so keep on bringing this stuff up! It’s fantastic, thanks Tom and Jennifer.

  2. Both this and the previous article have heightened my understanding and given me some wonderful new phrases to use with my classes. Thank you, thank you!

  3. Thanks Tom. Love the analogies as it makes it so very understandable for us all and better able to communicate to our riders.

  4. This is fantastic!
    I love the description that Leslie used, your analogy of the boat rowers and using your muscles more effectively. Reading this and then reviewing the previous article, I now will be able to communicate this to my general population without becoming too preachy.
    Thank you, Tom!

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