Leap of Faith, Part 1: Fear

As instructors and coaches, one of our missions is to present new perspectives and opportunities to our students. Our role is to help them stay on the path of improvement and progress. We strive to stretch their intellect, increase their physical ability, and enhance their understanding of training.

In order to help our students improve and progress, at times we have to put ourselves “out there.” We must take the risk of presenting new experiences, which include new information, profiles, music, cueing, philosophies, and techniques. As a result, we step, and sometimes even leap, outside of our comfort zone.


  1. Author


    Thanks for the kind words. As an instructor we are often the “change” or the administrator of change for our clients. Keep up the good work!


  2. Very insightful information Bryon. I tend to be the instructor who ‘changes’ it up a lot. This is what my clients expect from me. It can be a bit challenging but it keeps me on top of all the new music and new cues. Whew!

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