Leg Switch Drill

My post last week about Buddy Macuha’s class at IDEA was especially interesting to ICA contributor Christine Nielsen, because she often coaches her students to change the leading leg. I asked her to write up an explanation of how she uses this as a drill.


  1. I had never thought about which leg leads when initiating a stand. I’ll add that to my list of mind-expanding drills.

    Interesting that you are left-handed and also left leg dominant. I always thought that would be the way it worked but only about 30% of the lefties in my class report that their left legs are ‘stronger’.

  2. Great article! I love doing drills like that in my classes. I had to giggle when you said about the left leg usually being the “dumber” leg… I’m left-handed so my left leg is dominant so I like the drills to work on leading with my right leg! I even get my students to think about what leg they lead with when coming into a standing position and get them to become more conscious about changing their lead leg with that as well!

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