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Thanks to ICA member Davide Camerini for sending me this free music download. It’s an album called Ethnoscapes and has eight downtempo tracks. Click here for the free download.


  1. About Saturday in the course of an event in Tuscany, I was talking about your site to Maurizio Bottoni you know in occassione of spinning WSSC conference in Miami, told me that spinning without you lost a great teacher …

  2. Jennifer, in Italy we use very often this kind of music style ambient downtempo. According to your experience the playlist proposal, similar to your profile every resistance is valid? I would like your opinion as an expert master of building the profile, would you change anything?. I did not think the use of force development segments climb some tracks maybe ’cause I do not like to drop below 60 rpm anyway and’ an interesting mode ‘Creative go up like a real cyclist.

  3. Author

    I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying this great music! Many of these songs are sure to become staples for me for my mind-body/introspective profiles, mostly on flat roads. Some of the faster ones (110 & 113 bpm) will be great for both high cadence drills as well as slow climb force development segments (55 & 57 rpm).

  4. Davide and Jennifer–Thank you so much for sharing the download!! ūüôā

  5. Hello Karen, I love to share ideas, help to grow, we may know something more? Using the traces made ‚Äč‚Äčavailable to this idea I could be a completely flat profile endurance with moderate resistance and variable and the cadescente grows from 80 rpm to 110 rpm. I ‘came the inspiration from the teacher Jennifer’s profile laboratory cadence resistance trying to manterere these parameters, it will be very difficult.

    Resistance: Light to moderate
    Cadence: 80-110 RPM
    Intensity: 65% -75% of maximum heart rate

    Shorter recovery times, higher fat metabolism and a lower resting heart rate.

    01 Ephemeral Mists Looming [80 Rpm]
    02 Ephemeral Mists Persian Shield [90 Rpm]
    03 Astropilot Nihavend [95 Rpm]
    04 Elea ft Bahramji Flying Carpet [98 Rpm]
    05 Astropilot Eternity and Instants [103 Rpm]
    06 Cabeiri Creating Destiny [110 Rpm]
    07 Asura Reze [113 Rpm]
    08 The XX VCR [108]
    09 The XX Intro LongRMX [98]
    10 – Dreamometry Ndovu [Stretching]

    1h: 04min: 22 seconds

    I’d like to know your opinion, and ‘a workout very hard, personally it seems to take off and fly on the pedals.

  6. Thanks! Already have some ideas of how to incorporate these songs into a playlist.

  7. Thanks Jennifer & Davide for sharing. Love listening to great tunes to add to my playlist & surprise my riders with new fresh sounds.

  8. Hello Jennifer, thank you very much: it is always a pleasure to share our passion with the team for the indoor cycling.

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