Quick Profile: Legends, 2018 PyeongChang Olympics

This ride by Billy Coburn celebrates the XXIII PyeongChang Olympics held in South Korea. This is their first winter Olympics; they last hosted the Summer Games in 1988.

The ride consists of three blocks built upon determination, courage, and motivation and are each moderate in intensity. The fourth and final effort—going for the gold—is a maximal 4-minute drill patterned after the work of Japanese exercise physiologist Izumi Tabata. (For more background on this method, see ICA’s article on Tabata.) These 4 minutes will be the hardest effort of the ride, and one your riders will surely not forget.

Throughout the ride you will stress two points: A) Reserve your maximum power for the last 4 minutes of the class and B) Utilize every single recovery! Think of the blocks of riding as “stages” vs. coaching them as intervals prior to the Tabata drill.

US figure skating champion Jason Brown was quoted in 2014 as saying that he had to learn to fall in love with the process of becoming great. Use this ride to remind each participant that the world is our playground—our arena to develop greatness. And if failure was the end of our story, there would be no greatness. We can accept nothing less than the greatness each holds within.

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  1. I used this profile on the last day of the Olympics/Closing ceremonies. I whittled down some of the some to fit in a 40 minute ride, added theme-related music from the ICA Olympic Spotify profiles for the upper body segment of the class (that takes place off the bike), and finished up with Olympic Anthem Orchestra music for the cool down. I had a long-time, regular participant come up to me after class saying that even though she always loves my classes and the music I play, that this class was the best one ever! Thank you for making me a Legend with this motivating profile!

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