Magic Coaching Moment Video: Be Prepared

Here is a quick instructor tip that will help you be more prepared than ever for your classes. After this, you will never forget anything ever again!On my trip to Buffalo Athletic Club in July, I met some wonderful instructors who really go out of their way for their students. One instructor who really impressed me with her preparedness is Christine. Watch as she reveals her secret weapon for always being prepared.

Do you have any other items you make sure to bring along with you every time you teach? Leave a comment below and share it with other instructors!


  1. interesting article. love it, all my stuffs are all over my bag, so I’m taking the box idea.. I always have an extra battery, for the mic, extra towel, 2 pairs of socks, t-shirt for after class, I only have one Ipod so I have 2 cd’s in case that I run out of battery o my Ipod break down during my class…. you never know

  2. I also carry 2 pedal straps, just in case there are none to hand – has happened that one is missing from a bike or one is about to go and the facility didn’t have any spares…

  3. Never handed one out to a guy either, has anyone else?

  4. Since I have known Christine for years what ya’ll saw is what she does & brings.
    I even carry pony tail holders in my bag. Learned it from her, and I’m waiting to finally hand one out to a guy.

  5. Love this ride…There is music that I can’t find, and not sure how to find it on Spotify. Let me know. I am very interested in signing up for the premium version if I can find more of your playlists on it. Thanks.

  6. Keep these short, handy, video tips coming. Lana is one buttoned up girl!

  7. Great additions. I would add a stopwatch and metronome.

    I’m like Moritz, my stuff is floating all over the inside of my gym bag! Next time I go to Walmart I’m getting me one of these little boxes that Christine has – for being a somewhat small finite space, for some reason, I still often lose things inside my bag!

    I would hope every facility has tools accessible, but we all know that isn’t always the case, so adding these small, lightweight tools that Moritz suggests can really help in a pinch.

    As for towels, I LOVE love love Action Wipes – if you haven’t heard of them, you should look them up. Made with tea tree oil, they don’t have yukky chemicals that dry your skin like baby wipes. I always have a few of those in my bag, for those times when you are running from class to somewhere else with no time to shower. (I’ll be writing up a review of Action Wipes soon).

  8. portable ipod dock
    extra towels
    profile book
    xtra cycling short
    2 HRMs
    note cards

  9. as I incidentially have my bag with me:
    – a hex key to loosen/tighten the pedal clipping
    – a hex key to tighten SPD cleats
    – a 14 mm wrench to adjust saddle post bracket
    – a U-lock for lockers
    – a dextrose sample for the participants overdoing
    – a energy/protein gel for me if I overdo it 😉
    – ear plugs
    – a set of various audio cables and interconnects
    – a USB memory stick

    So far that stuff all casts around in my bag, the idea to put it in a box is great 😉

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