Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream”

You have this timeless classic Spinning song, don’t you? I hope that every indoor cycling instructor on earth has this song! Tomorrow is the day we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday, and if you’re lucky enough to teach on Monday, you can play this song. I’m not teaching until Wednesday and will play it then.

But this song is not limited to just MLK Day. It inspires anytime you hear it.

This is truly a zen-inspiring song that can transport you to another place, bring tears to your eyes, or give you wings to climb a mountain you never thought you could. All depending on your mood. Just close your eyes during the song. No words are necessary.

Moodswings Spiritual High (State of Independence) comes in three parts. Part III (5:14) is overlaid with Martin Luther King’s speech. The video below is just Part III; you can find the full 15-minute version with all parts of the song on Youtube.

It is from the album Moodfood by Moodswings. You should be able to find this album or the individual songs on most popular downloading sites (iTunes, Amazon, etc) and on Spotify.


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