This Moon Appearance Has Been 150 Years in the Making—Seems Like a Great Theme Ride!

This post is from our vault but we updated it to include a link to a list of all the supermoons now through 2022.  The next one is on Tuesday, April 7. And for future planning, there will be a Blue Moon on Oct 31! 

This is a last-minute post to give you some songs to throw into your playlists this week. There is something special happening in our skies this week that is worth throwing a few songs together for.

As described in the Washington Post, “during the early hours of Jan. 31, there will be a full moon, a total lunar eclipse, a blue moon, and a supermoon. None of these things is all that unusual. What is rare is that they’re happening all together on one day.”

So, to celebrate this celestial awakening, here are a few songs you should consider adding to your playlist this week. I’ll give you the bpm and what I think the song is good for so you can determine where they best fit. If you use them in you classes, please give a shout-out in the comments. Or, if you have some other great moon-oriented songs, please let us know.

Bad Moon Rising, Creedence Clearwater Revival, 89 bpm
Eclipse + blue moon + full moon + supermoon = bad moon for sure.

This classic is ~90 bpm, so it fits perfectly as a faster flat road moderate effort, a recovery between intervals, or even a higher-intensity interval. Grab the beat, add the resistance, and push until the end.

Hollow Moon, AWOLNATION, 120 bpm
Hard steep climb. Watch out for the bad wolf.

Man on the Moon, REM, 119 bpm
Another climb with plenty of resistance. Consistent climb without a lot of variation.

Moonshine, Bruno Mars, 105 bpm
This one feels like a good warm-up to me. But you could use it for a break mid-ride.

Tears From the Moon (Hybrid’s Twisted on the Terrace Remix), Conjure One, 132 bpm
If you search for this song by Conjure One in iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, and other sources, you’ll find numerous remixes at all different tempos, lengths, and energy. This is one of my favorites (though mine is a shorter 6-minute version than this 10-minute YouTube version). It’s a fantastic energetic climb with occasional breaks.

Walking on the Moon, The Police, 145 bpm
Ah, but of course. You’ve got to walk on the moon, right? This is a must-have for your moon-theme ride. And it’s a fun, faster climb at 72 rpm.

Blue Moon, The Mavericks, 90 bpm
What playlist about a blue moon would be complete without the classic “Blue Moon”? This oldie but recognizable goodie is best left for your cool-down. But it will cement your theme for sure! You could also use it for a pre-class intro as people are getting ready for the ride.

This one by the Mavericks is 4:38, but you’ll find shorter versions by Sinatra and others if you want just a short taste of the classics.

Moondance, Van Morrison, 134 bpm
OK, so this one is the perfect cool-down. Maybe you need both of these songs! Or use this one for a mid-ride easier effort.


At ICA, we’ve given you a moon-eclipse-planet-themed Spotify bucket playlist with over 150 celestial-themed songs. There is also a Stars, Moon, and Planets profile for you to use. You can find that playlist and profile here

And here is an updated lunar-themed theme ride I created called Tears fro the Moon that was originally created for the eclipse; just switch out a handful of the songs to keep it to a full-moon theme. 

Do you have a lunar favorite song?

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