“My Cycling Class Today”—Another Way for ICA to Help Instructors!

In the twenty years I’ve been a master instructor educating indoor cycling instructors around the world (first for Spinning®, then for the last five years with ICA), I’ve come to know what challenges many instructors are struggling with. 

I’ve often had a revelation while teaching one of my own classes that I’ve thought would be helpful for other instructors to know about. Sometimes it’s a question a newbie asked that allowed me to empathize with newcomers. Other times it’s been a way I structured a drill or profile, or a light bulb moment I had about conveying information to my riders. 

Many of our contributors have had these moments while teaching as well—so we are creating a new category of posts for ICA members called “My Cycling Class Today” (MCCT). Because we find educated instructors who also write well to contribute to ICA, we will be able to bring you these insights in a clear and concise manner. It will be like we are sharing this revelation with you just after we’ve finished teaching our class. 

Along with our regular educational articles on all topics important to our craft, plus the in-depth profiles, the Ask the Expert series, and the OCD series (Obsessed with Cycling Drills), MCCT will be yet another way to help you grow as an instructor.

It could be related to any of the following:

  • a new way to explain something
  • a reinforcement on why proper technique is so important
  • a realization about a better way of doing something 
  • a communication tip
  • a question a rider had after class
  • an epiphany moment about our class
  • a humorous moment worthy of sharing
  • a faux pas or slipup we want to help you avoid
  • an insight about indoor cycling in general

Our first one is tomorrow!

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  1. Love this idea…and thanks for mentioning your other categories too. Until now I have been focused on the top 5-6 topics…Now I realise there is so much more further down the list – I know what I’ll be doing all weekend now 🙂

  2. I have often said to my students “I may have a little booty, but it’s in shape.” I often use this phrase to encourage students to utilize the seated position more when climbing (students love standing climbs) because you can truly feel glute activation seated.

    I state this can really only be felt with the proper application of resistance which results in the student needing to relax the upper body & sink into the saddle a bit.

    My students like knowing they are literally working their butts off. The proof is in the pudding: they can feel it.

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