The New Instructor: 10 Tips for Mastering the Class Intro, Part 2

I hope you found the first three tips in Part 1 helpful. Let’s explore the next set to help you master the class intro: The Class Objective, Training Zones (RPE), and encouraging your riders to Work at Their Own Pace.

Tip #4: The Class Objective

Unlike the other tips, the class objective will change from class to class and week to week. This is your opportunity to excite your riders about the workout they are about to receive.

This series originally posted in September 2015.


  1. Nice explanation of the training zones…for those riders who know their LT…do you coach the %-age to be of the LT? Thanks

  2. Nice explanation, Tom. Just enough information. I remember, as a young instructor, trying to say too much.

  3. Great stuff as usual, Tom. As I’ve said before, I teach beginner classes and this is right up my alley. The explanation of the zones is the best I’ve heard and I’ll be using it when the Fall sessions start up in two weeks. Thank you.

  4. I’m sorry that I missed the first installment of this series. These are all good suggestions for new and veteran instructors. I’ve taken classes when the instructor’s introduction was ‘Let’s Ride.’ That’s not very informative or professional. A couple of suggestions to make even more of an impact during the important introduction:
    – use instrumental music in order to not have to compete with the lyrics when speaking.
    – consider delivering the introduction off the bike, enabling eye contact with participants and commanding the full attention on the room.

  5. All super. I do ask if there are any questions after the warm up briefing, as well as, after introducing each set to help in any clarification that someone may have missed.

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