The New Instructor: 10 Tips for Mastering the Class Intro, Part 3

And now the last four tips to complete a well-rounded class intro: Safety, Form & Technique, Hand Positions, and Cadence.

Tip #7: Safety

Considering the amount of information we need to divulge during the class intro, I recommend keeping the safety information general to start.

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Read Part 2: The Class Objective, Training Zones (RPE), and Working at Their Own Pace.

This series originally posted in September 2015.


  1. Thank you for the amazing Information !

  2. As an indoor/outdoor cyclist for decades and most recently a newbie indoor instructor at age 79 I have found your website to be right on. The tips, music, etc. is super. I am also using Jennifers e-text Make It Real as a bible of sorts. Its great along with other references I have obtained. Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of this great organization and I look forward to seeing what yet is to come

    1. you are so welcome Dave! So glad that the e-book and the information at ICA is so helpful! Yes, we’ve got some great things coming…stay tuned! =)

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