Theme Ride Thursday: Ring in the New Year with our New Year’s Playlists

The countdown to the New Year is on! And while most of you are knee-deep in holiday shopping, here at ICA we’ve been digging through songs that fit our New Year’s playlist themes. So, whether you’re celebrating another amazing year, or you’re ready to leave this year behind, we’ve got you covered with a selection of three different New Year’s playlists.

If you’re looking for songs to resemble a New Year’s dance party in your studio then check out the Celebration playlist. The energy in this playlist could be used for the New Year’s Eve party you’re hosting too. Think back to those days in your 20s where you’d get all decked out to go dancing on a Saturday night—that’s what this playlist is all about—celebration, dancing, drinking, and partying. It’s filled with mostly recent pop hits.

Remember, you can use many of these songs for numerous different empowerment and party themes throughout the year—it doesn’t have to be New Year’s! As usual, please add your suggestions to the comments below.

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