POTUS Playlist? Create a Profile and Win a Free Membership to ICA!

President Obama dropped his summer playlists today, including a daytime and a nighttime version.

No politics here, just the recognition that Obama has a pretty varied taste in music. I love that he’s got Nina Simone’s “Sinnerman” on this playlist! And from what the press is saying, Obama has a possible career as a music critic/playlist curator once his current busy job ends in early 2017!

The New York Times recognized Obama’s playlist as a huge hit: 

For the second year in a row, Mr. Obama released his summer vacation music and reading lists. And within a day, Mr. Obama’s playlist was the most listened-to on Spotify, other than those organized by the global music streaming service itself. That level of popularity occurs only when listeners do more than sample the songs, but actually enjoy the set, said Jonathan Prince, a Spotify spokesman.

“For a playlist to hit No. 1 globally on its own out of nowhere is just bananas,” Mr. Prince said. “If he wants a job curating music when this presidential gig is over, we’d take him in a second. That’s very impressive.”

Since indoor cycling instructors and their riders love music, and we love any excuse to create a theme-based ride, I’ve got a challenge for you…

Who wants to create a profile + playlist out of these songs? I’ll even give away a two-month membership to the Indoor Cycling Association if you send in your profile! (*See below for rules.)

It can be any type of ride (HIT, endurance, hill climbs, time trial, out and back rides, etc.) as long as it contains these songs from President Obama’s preferred playlists (remixes OK). You can also include some from his playlists from 2015 as well. Below are the Spotify links to the past two years.

The only other rules are to keep the contraindications…and the politics out!
#Keepitreal #Rideright #Enjoythemusic

2016 Playlists

2015 Playlists

To Submit Your Profile

Write up your profile in a Word or Google doc and email it to info@icafit.com with the subject POTUS PROFILE. 

We will give two months free membership to up to two people. If there are more than two, I’ll give everyone who submits one a free month! (First come first served for the two months provided it meets the criteria.) To qualify, you simply have to use Obama’s songs from 2015 or 2016 (remixes are OK), any techniques/movements have to be safe and effective (no contraindications), and no negative political comments allowed. Profiles must be received by Labor Day to qualify for the contest. (September 5, 2016.)

Who’s in?

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