The Power Accelerator Profile

I woke up one morning and the thought hit me: “There are so many great songs on the ICA website submitted by master instructors; I should build a profile solely from this music library.”

As is customary at the beginning of the year, I build four profiles for the purpose of delivering base conditioning to my riders. Next up on the docket was a leg speed and technique workout, so I dug into all the great music contributions to create this profile.


  1. Awesome Stephan! Gonna try this one this weekend with my small group of outdoor riders, can’t wait!

  2. I did the ride a couple of weeks ago, shortly after Tom posted it. As an outdoor rider, I loved it.

    My indoor only riders found it difficult to maintain the higher cadences. I knew they would so I allowed them do their best efforts.

    The participants I have that are outdoor riders as well, or very strong (regular) indoor riders loved the workout and found it extremely hard (effort). They compared it to an interval ride I had done the week before which they termed ‘brutal’. They were not expecting that from my intro to this class.

    As for the the breaks between the surges, I encouraged my riders to ride at an RPM they felt okay at – their natural cadence, though I encouraged them not to drop below 80 rpm.

  3. My question too!!! This is the only reason I haven’t given this a go yet.

  4. if riders are hitting 100-120 on the interval push, what rpm are they holding in between surges?

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