FTP for the Powers That Be

If you are a fan of FTP (Functional Threshold Power) or are aching to learn more, enjoy this article from one of the masters of power, Joe Friel.

In the upcoming weeks, ICA will present a series entitled “Power for the Masses.” This series will explore three different ways we can incorporate power in our classes. These articles will be especially beneficial for those who have struggled to implement FTP and are looking for additional power “tools” for their indoor cycling instructor belt.

Functional Threshold Power: The Most Important Power Metric
by Joe Friel



  1. Joe Friel has a way of writing so that challenging topics seem much easier to understand. I hope everyone curious or frustrated about FTP will read this article and gain some great understanding!

    1. Easy article to comprehend. I agree with you, Jennifer. Unfortunately, in a spinning room with basic Spinner bikes, I will have to stick with Lactate Threshold testing. Sigh.

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