Power Part 2: The Force Velocity Curve – Why Pedaling Too Fast is Ineffective

In the previous post on the introduction of Power, we did the math on how Power is a product of cadence and force (resistance). Today let’s take a look at Sports Science and how understanding the concept of power will help you in understanding sound training techniques and in creating even more effective and scientifically sound profiles based on cadences and resistance that makes sense.

It’s important to know that even though P = F x V, it does not mean that you can continually increase either of the variables on the right side of the equation to increase power output. First of all, there are limitations in the body in both speed and in strength. But it also depicted graphically. The force/velocity relationship is not a linear one; it is a curvilinear one. If it was linear, then increases in either variable to infinity would mean increases in power.

The Force-velocity curve of a muscle fiber

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