Prepping for a Reset, Part 2: What Are You Selling?

In part 1 we talked about a common pitfall our fitness devotees experience—overtraining. Most people don’t have the understanding of what to do as an alternative to overtraining. Should I simply show up to the gym less? Is this a good time to freeze my club membership? Studio owners would definitely not be happy with that kind of propaganda, particularly as they are often just regaining momentum from a deathly slow summer. This kind of “time to take it easy” message is not going to fly with the fitness addicts. They will simply be reduced to preteens with their hands over their ears yelling, “Na na na, I can’t hear you!” We are not taking away training or barricading treadmills and indoor bikes; instead we are offering them a much needed change in how they work out. Honestly, the efforts are not easier, just different. In part 2, we will discuss one of the keys to getting your riders salivating over a reset—knowing what you are selling.


  1. well written, looking forward to part 3 🙂

  2. Tom,

    This well written post is exactly what our ‘over trainers’ need. Not coincidentally, it is also what most indoor cyclists who are not endurance athletes want. And frankly, I love leading such classes because I can speak while participating.

    Looking forward to the video.

  3. Such a great article…thankyou.

  4. Thank you! This has really brought me some great ideas!

  5. Nice job as always, Tom. Look forward to video.

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