DiscoPhantom—Halloween (Deepspirits Mix)

If you’ve been at ICA for a while you’ll remember Jorg Ellinghaus, who used to do some of our Friday Favorites. Jorg was the one who introduced me to the beauty and wonders of downtempo music, and in fact, some of my favorite introspective focus songs are from Jorg’s music posts!

Jorg is a cycling instructor and DJ from Germany, known as Deepspirits. He has put together a remix for Halloween that you can purchase here on Legitmix.

The way Legitmix works is when you want to buy the remix, Legitmix searches your music files looking for the original source song; if you own it you can purchase the remix. If you don’t own the original yet, you can either purchase it from Legitmix or from another source.

This way you know the original artists always get paid for their work. But when the remix is cranking good, you don’t mind! 😉

For those who, like me, have a twinge of conscience when you buy a remix because you’re not quite sure if it’s legal and/or if the artist gets paid, then you will appreciate this source. (I’ll have more about Legitmix in an upcoming article.)

Click here to listen and/or download Halloween (Deepspirits Mix).

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  1. Hi Jennifer – Last year I used your “Hounds of Halloween” ride for class and at the end it says something about coming back for Part II next year. Can we expect Part II to be posted for this year? If not, I need to get to work crafting my own creative ride! Thank you for all the wonderful content.

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