Profile: Rio Olympic Road Race

Earlier this week we gave you the profile Faster Higher Stronger, an homage to the Olympic spirit. While perfect for the moment, it’s also a great profile any time you want to honor exceptional performance and human spirit. 

Today’s profile is more specific to the 2016 Rio Olympics, based on the Olympic Road Race. It’s a very challenging ride, with four laps over a steep climb, and ending with a fast flat to a sprint finish. Robert builds the excitement in this profile, very much like a Tour de France stage. The music is Brazilian, bringing you and your class even closer to the games! All of the music is available in iTunes, and we’ve provided a Spotify link below.


  1. I’m so excited to present this profile tomorrow. My husband’s cousin, Elizabeth Beisel, appearing in her third Olympics, is co-captain of the USA Women’s swim team and swimming on Saturday. This profile perfectly sets the tone for tomorrow’s Opening Ceremony. Go, USA! Go Elizabeth!

    1. Well done, Robert! It was a hit!

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