Profile: Red Pill, Blue Pill—Intervals from The Matrix

I first created this profile in 2013. It was a big hit at the time, so I’ve brought it back, added new (much better) music and additional Matrix-themed cues, and created a Quick Profile format for it as well. So now you’ll have both the long-form (with extensive explanation and cues) and the short version for ease of using in your classes. 

In the course of rewriting this profile, I learned that this year is the 20th anniversary of The Matrix! How convenient! 

In this profile you will set the stage with four intervals that reach into the VO2 max range. The final three will be selected through audience interaction and a cruel twist of fate, what I call the Matrix choice.

Be ready to ask your riders to make the choice of remaining in the blissful ignorance of illusion or embracing the painful truth of reality.

The playlist selection includes some tracks from The Matrix Reloaded as well as some Matrix-esque tracks with relevant and empowering lyrics. Recovery songs have a movie trailer–like feel, adding heightened drama. You need the drama because this is when you bring out the red pill/blue pill choice.

Because this profile requires six additional songs (of which you select only three), there’s an added level of complexity when delivering it. I provide tips on how to select your preferred songs, how to organize them, and how to choose them in the moment so that you don’t skip a beat in the middle of class. You also have to make sure you stay within the confines of your class time slot so I provide advice on how to make sure that happens.

I love the songs I ended up with for this profile (I hope you do, too!), but I also give you two additional playlists below in case you want to mix it up and change out some of the songs. If you have any high-energy tracks about the same length that you think would work for the two types of terrain in these intervals, let me know in the comments and I’ll add them to the Spotify playlists.

Originally, I wrote this profile as a long-form master class. I’ve retained that longer profile and edited it for clarity and additional cues, but I’ve also created a short-form Quick Profile for ease of use in your classes. Refer to the long-form profile for the major cues, quotes from The Matrix and explanation of the red pill/blue pill, and the tips on how to organize your extended playlist.

If you have the ability to project YouTube videos, use this for your introduction. 

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  1. I taught this class twice. They loved it. Thanks for the profile.

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