Profile: RPMx!

After almost six years from its creation, this profile is still being requested by riders. It includes five original songs by Tom Scotto specifically created to challenge leg speed like never before. Download the PDF for this profile AND the five original tracks and let the fun begin!


  1. REALLY want to try this profile….would be fantastic if the tracks could be downloaded onto a mobile device. ..?

    1. Leanne, can you download them onto your computer first, then transfer them to your mobile? You should be able to treat it like any other mp3 that you get from anywhere.

      That’s what I do. My computer holds my primary library of songs, then I shift songs back and forth to my mobile as needed, since it’s much less storage capacity than my laptop.

      Hope that helps!

  2. Is there a way to diwnload the tracks onto our phone? Or another place to find them? I love them!

    1. Hi Kristen, check below at my comment to Leanne. Download them to your primary music library, which should be your computer, then move them to your mobile in playlists, as needed.

  3. Cannot find Viva Knievel and Beginnings on Itunes. Any other suggestions??

  4. Maybe this is obvious and I’m only having a problem because I’m on my phone, but how do we download the tracks? Looks like a great profile ????

  5. I can attest to this profile as a participant. It was the first ride I ever did with Tom, about 5 years ago while I was visiting Boston. My legs STILL remember it! =)

  6. Wow, the timing of your post rocks. Our club recently got new bikes with monitors..thank god (although no power 🙁 but better than nothing!

    I have been doing drills with my peeps to get them used to RPM/HR etc. Last week we focused on climbing drills. This week I wanted to focus on flat drills and HELLOOOO here you are! Thanks for the tracks, big bonus! So freakin hot. My planning just got a little easier! Thanks Tom!!

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