Puerto Rico, We Love You!

There have been so many disasters around the world, both natural and man-made, that need our help and support. My heart is broken for the humanity affected by them, but what is currently happening is Puerto Rico (and other nearby islands) is so urgent. They need so much help and will need it for a very long time.

Last month I posted this article with tips on how to put together a fundraiser quickly. It provides tips on organizing an event, finding sponsors, enlisting volunteers, raising money, and more. I’ve updated it to include Hurricane Maria.

In honor of Puerto Rico, we’ve put together this Spotify playlist of artists from Puerto Rico or who have connections there. When you create your event for Puerto Rico, make sure to include a few of these songs to elevate the mood! If you have some other great music ideas, please list them in the comments. 

As far as donations, CNN has a list of non-profits working for the cause. Use one of these or Google Puerto Rico hurricane relief to find one that you feel good about. 

Click the box below to access your free handout on putting together a charity event in 3 weeks or less.




We love you Puerto Rico! 

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