Quick Profile: 3 x 15 Sweet-Spot Intervals

Welcome to another excellent profile by Bill Pierce. This profile targets muscular endurance by featuring long intervals performed mostly in high Zone 3/low Zone 4, known as the “sweet-spot” training zone. In order to keep riders engaged, it varies resistance and cadence every few minutes. The profile also adds a challenging element by ramping up the intensity above sweet spot at the end of each interval.

The structure makes this profile versatile, allowing instructors to categorize the music of each set differently, around a theme. I designed this “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue” Quick Profile with the first interval designated as “old,” using songs at least 40 years old. The second interval is “new,” consisting of songs released in the past 18 months. The songs in the “borrowed” interval are all covers, where the artist borrows a song from another musician and then makes it uniquely their own. Finally, the cool-down and stretch section is “blue,” or more accurately, blues music. The old fogeys in your class will dig the “old” set, the young whippersnappers will groove to the “new” set, and everyone will rock out to the “borrowed”’ set. 

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  1. Bill, this class is so fun and satisfying. The playlist really keeps the class moving and the theme holds interest. Thanks!

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