Quick Profile: A Journey Through Space

This profile will take riders out of the cycling room to explore outer space. All that’s required is a vivid imagination and enough power in their legs to propel them through space. As with any journey ride, it enables the instructor to use their creativity to transport their participants from the mundane bike studio to someplace interesting and unusual. But like every other profile, it still has a purpose (threshold and VO2 max intervals to increase high-end aerobic and anaerobic capacities) and is based on sound exercise principles, including adequate work-to-recovery ratios. The notes below include suggested creative cueing but instructors should use their own originality for the narration to drive the profile.

This challenging profile consists of many short high-intensity surges to Zones 5 and 6 with brief recoveries, as well as incremental steps from Zone 2 all the way to Zones 6 and 7. Intensity is provided using power zones, but you can replace these with corresponding RPE cues.

Make sure to check out our Sci-Fi/Outer Space playlist, and our Stars, Moons and Planets playlist for alternate songs should you want to swap them out.


  1. Hey Jen!

    The link to Bill’s class is broken – I’m here on 4/29/24 getting ready for May 4th – this Saturday.

    Thanks for all you do!


    1. Author

      Lisa – It’s been fixed. Have fun with it on May 4.

      1. YAY! Thanks so much! Woohoo here we go!

  2. Bill Pierce, you are absolutely brilliant!!! I did this for my class today and it was AMAZING. I bought a constellation projector from Amazon to set the mood which truly brought it to the next level…it was dark…stars all around…music and theme was amazing. Thank you for sharing your creativity and brilliance with the rest of us. You have inspired me to put as much thought and effort into my own “journey” rides.

    1. Author

      Ali – I’m glad that you and your class enjoyed it. I love the idea of the constellation projector and will be stealing that from you the next time I do this ride. I’m especially pleased to know that I’ve inspired you to create your own journey rides.

  3. this was such a fabulous theme ride!!! Totally obsessed!! I put it together today but I have to wait 2 weeks cause I already have 2 thats on for next week. I just did a 5 mile walk to the songs. Thank you sooo much Bill for all this creativity!!

    1. Author

      I hope that you and your riders have a blast with this when you do it in class.

  4. Thanks, Bill. I always enjoy your profiles!

    1. Author

      Thanks, I’m glad that you enjoy them.

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