Quick Profile: Aspire to Inspire

As a theme ride, this inspirational profile can be used as an extended ride for a special event, a fundraiser, a New Year’s ride, or any time you want to inspire your riders to overcome challenges. It is written as a 90-minute ride but can be shortened to 60 minutes.

It is an interval profile composed of four work sets, each with alternating flats and climbs. The sets are similar in format and can be coached with power zones, heart rate zones, or use corresponding RPE cues for those zones.

The playlist embodies music that encourages one to stay strong, to rise up against adversity, and to aspire to be a motivating force, either for oneself or as an inspiration for others. The music honors those who have faced one of life’s major challenges and the struggle they endured, whether they won or lost that battle. Encourage riders to listen closely to the lyrics and take the message to heart to be a positive and empowering influence. The 90-minute profile starts and ends with the same song sung by two different artists. The first rendition of “Lean on Me” is an upbeat reggae version from the ’80s that perfectly kicks off the ride. The soulful cool-down is the original Grammy-winning song written and recorded by Bill Withers.


  1. I used it for my 60 minute class on Saturday and shortened it for my Monday 45 minute class. It went over very well. Thank you!

    1. Author

      So glad you and your riders enjoyed this profile, Christine! Even better to know that it can easily be modified to fit into a shorter period of time. Your comment has inspired me 🙂

  2. Author

    The hardest part of shortening a profile is choosing which songs/segments to give up. I feel like Sophie from the movie, Sophie’s Choice.

  3. Looking forward to articles and add inspiration. Thank you ????

  4. Love it!!!! Might make a few changes to shorten for my 50 min class but I’m bringing this to the “first monday of the year ride” – Thank you!!!

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