Quick Profile: Progressive Dueling Intervals—Wild and Crazy Version

A good profile should provide you with endless ways to use it, saving you endless amounts of time. We have had several versions of the Progressive Dueling Intervals profile at ICA. This is an example of taking a template for a solid, goal-based workout and tweaking the music not just for a specific genre (like Bill Pierce’s Pop vs. Rock version of this profile), but for a theme. For this Wild and Crazy theme, I searched for songs from two theme playlists I have been curating, one titled “Crazy/Psycho” and the other called “Wild,” and combined them for a fun theme. Since I had a large number of songs to choose from, I was able to find songs that worked in terms of their energy, the length, and the desired bpm.

I also tweaked the intervals themselves slightly, so this version is a little different than previous versions. Instead of three rounds there are four, beginning with shorter intervals of 2.5 minutes and then gradually increasing to around 5 minutes. This is yet another example of how a solid profile can be slightly modified and the end result will seem fresh and new to your riders.

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