Quick Profile: That Sweet Spot

This is a relatively steady-state profile where riders aim to ride between 88% and 93% of their functional threshold power, commonly referred to as the “sweet spot” of training. This is a sustained high Zone 3/low Zone 4 effort with a perceived exertion that lies somewhere between 6 (moderately hard) and 7 (hard) on a 1–10 scale. There is great training value in the sweet spot, as it allows you to manage lactate efficiently and it’s not so intense as to require extended recovery.  

The biggest challenge of this profile is aiming to maintain that sweet spot while riding at different cadences. The profile consists of climbs and flat road efforts at various cadences and has three distinct sections, with each section beginning at a lower cadence and progressively increasing in leg speed. Your goal is to keep that steady effort as best you can.  


  1. Great, I look forward to your weekly newsletters and always look for the profiles. Along with the play lists I adapt them for my next class I teach. I always edit the music to make sure it is appropriate to play.

    My subscription to ICA is the best tool I have ever had to help me teach indoor cycling. I try to follow all your suggestions, especially from the list of the 101 ways to be a better indoor cycling instructor.

    How about doing an instructor work shop in Denver some time. I am sure you would draw a large crowd

    1. thanks James. I just need a club or studio to sponsor me for a day (or weekend) of workshops. Would love to do one in Denver! Where do you teach, James?

  2. So excited since I have joined and I am excited in becoming a better instructor. Question, when I down load a playlist in Spotify will it be public? I usually don’t make my profiles public? Thank you! Diana

    1. Author

      Hi Diana – if you follow a playlist that someone else has created, then it shows in your Spotify profile and will be public as the original creator of the playlist has made it public (otherwise you wouldn’t be able to see it and follow it). When you create your own playlists, you have a choice to either choose to keep them public (this is the default) or private – simply right click and choose ‘secret’ if you don’t want the playlist to be public. If you follow a playlist and want to keep it in your playlists and make is private, you can simply create a new playlist in your account, copy the songs over and then make the playlist secret. And welcome to ICA! I am certain you will find it very helpful in your quest to become a better instructor. Cheers 🙂

      1. Thanks!! ????????????????‍♀️

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