Quick Profile: UCI Women’s Road Race World Championship

This profile is provided by our new contributor, Dru Ryan. It is a simulation of the UCI World Championships Women’s Road Race that will be held in Austria on September 29th, 2018.

The course/profile consists of early rolling hills, followed by a fast flat segment with a paceline. Then, riders greet a big climb—and that’s only the first half! The second half is three circuits over another big climb before you get to pull on the World Championship rainbow jersey.


  1. My Sunday morning class ABSOLUTELY LOVED this ride! It has all the elements to make everyone happy! Rollers, Flats/Paceline, a’Monster’ climb, and hill repeats! Thanks, ICA, for another awesome profile!

  2. On the circuit climbs are there downhills after the climbs before climbing again in the following circuit like the profile is drawn out?

    1. Julie, the downhills are essentially a chance for recovery. The peloton will race up the hills but the descents are technical in nature and quite fast.

      Personally, I threw in an Austrian song between a couple of the climbs that allowed for 30-45 seconds of downhill relief. I use a Garmin watch to advance music remotely . . . I couldn’t build that into the profile because not everyone has a remote and Austrian songs are quite long.

      Paint It Black, Raw Sweet and Open Your Eyes all have slow builds. Use the first 30-45 seconds of each song as the downhill. That’s another technique I use. The climb doesn’t start with the song per se.

      ICA empowers instructors to modify the profile as needed. Another approach is to maybe take out one of the climbs? It’s an aggressive profile, but you know your riders best.

      I’d be curious in hearing (reading) how it goes.

  3. curious if there is a problem with spotify playlist link? this looks like such a fun and challenging ride.

    1. Hi Beth!
      You should be able to access that Spotify playlist now.

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