Quote of the Week, Tuesday June 14th, 2011


 “A year from now you may wish you had started today.”

Karen Lamb

You’ll notice that a lot of my favorite quotes are about taking steps to accomplish things you really want to do, but maybe don’t have the confidence to do, or think you don’t have the confidence, or skills to carry through. You might realize that it will take a little work to reach those goals. An athletic goal will take training, potentially lots of it (like for a triathlon), losing weight will take both training and learning more about eating better quality foods, a career change (for example, moving more into the world of fitness) may take a lot of education, money for training courses, time studying, seeking out mentors, etc.

But how many of us are expert procrastinators? Who joins me in that category? I used to call myself the “Queen of procrastination” but in doing so, I was entrenching into my brain even more the need to procrastinate! I mean, why would my subconscious mind do anything that would prevent me from being the “queen” of anything?!

In reality, procrastination is NOT the problem. I repeat, it is NOT what is keeping you from achieving your goals. There is always something deeper, something subconscious that is causing you to procrastinate. It’s usually the belief that you don’t have enough of what you think you need to get started. That could be anything from time, money, courage, education, intelligence, beauty, friends, you name it. We always think we need more of something just to get started.

Well, it’s not true. You have what you need to get started today. Start where you are, start with what you have. Right now. Today’s quote might very well be the kick in the butt that you need to get started on that path to your goal. Imagine a year passing, how would you feel? Think back to a year ago – what held you back then? So many of us have certain goals for many years, yet don’t do what it takes to even get started. Go ahead, use the fear of the future to help jump start your motivation! Why not? A year from now, I don’t want to be looking back and saying, “ah man, if ONLY I had started a year ago, imagine where I’d be now!”

Start where you are.
Start now.

And remember, everything you do to motivate yourself to reach your own goals, you can use as inspiration for your students to help them change their lives. And that is what coaching is all about….

Note: Many thanks to ICA member Dane Boyle for suggesting this fantastic motivator of a quote!



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