Quote of the Week – Tuesday June 7, 2011


Confidence is contagious.
So is lack of confidence.

Vince Lombardi


Think about that one for a moment. We know we need confidence to be able to sit up there in front of the class and lead our students through a tough or emotional workout, and inspire them to achieve their own greatness. That means we are on the path to our own greatness, right? Few things are more fulfilling than when you can inspire another. So I bet you have more confidence than you often give yourself credit for! Not everyone can do what you do every time you teach your class. Make sure to pat yourself on the back for this achievement.

Accept it and go with it. Don’t put yourself down, and don’t dismiss when your students look up to you or ask you for advice. You are their rock!  Believe in yourself, because when you do, it inspires them even more. If you don’t believe in yourself, that will show, and they won’t be as motivated to turn to you for advice.

But always remember, there’s a huge gulf between confidence and arrogance….



  1. I often think of myself as lacking confidence yet I do stand infront of my classes week after week for years and teach (and enjoy it). This quote has made me realise, as Jennifer says, that I have more confidence than I give myself credit for. This empowers me to grow even more and hopefully become more a coach than an instructor. Thanks.

  2. Love this quote!! If you act as if you are completely into what you are doing, then they will follow you! You are your own biggest “salesperson” in every aspect of life! 🙂

  3. for your words. It took me more than half of a lifetime to realize …

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