Quote of the Week – Tuesday May 31, 2011


  Whatever we plant in the subconscious mind and nourish with repetition
and emotion, will one day become a reality.

Earl Nightingale

What do you want in your life? More fitness? Better health? A career in the fitness industry perhaps? Popularity? Begin by “acting as if” you already have whatever it is you want. Create affirmations, put emotion behind them and repeat them daily. Put them on Post-It notes on your bathroom mirror or on your car’s dashboard so you see them daily. You CAN have whatever you want and do whatever you want to do, you’ve just got to believe it with your heart and soul, and take the necessary steps to achieve them. But first, start by planting that belief in your subconscious mind and water and fertilize it daily.

What do your students want? Why do they come to your class? You know they want to look and feel better in some capacity. Ask them what they really want, deep inside. Some have specific fitness and health goals, such as fitting into a certain dress size, dropping their cholesterol numbers (doctor’s orders) or looking fabulous for their daughter’s wedding. You can take the extra step as an instructor and inspire them to create their own affirmations to help them attain their desires. In every class, give them a motivating quote (such as this one or the other weekly quotes we provide) and give them a personal reminder to fertilize their own dreams on a daily basis. Congratulate them for taking that most important step by coming to your class on that day. These kinds of inspirations will make them want to come more and more!

Doesn’t it feel great to inspire others to achieve their goals? In the process, it helps you achieve your own.




  1. My favorite comment which I use with some frequency comes from the 1994 Paraolympics – “If you think you can, you can”. Makes those who are able-bodied think again.

  2. I took a look at the site and all the tracks I looked at had this wording for the licensing:

    “Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage.”

    So they are free to download and listen to in your home, but playing them in a spin class? I am not so sure about that…

  3. I heard a similar quote as a high school sophomore, and still refer to it all these many years later because it rings true…”Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe in, and enthusiasticaly act upon, will inevitably come to pass.”–Paul J. Meyer

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