RIP 2021 Tribute Ride Profile: Long Sweet-Spot Intervals

My 2021 tribute ride seemed to fall together quite well this year; the energy, tempo, and variety of the tracks fit perfectly into a longer-interval profile. There are tracks from just about every genre we love to use in cycling classes. It’s got reggae, hip-hop, electronic pop, disco, R&B, Motown, retro (’80s pop), and quite a few classic rock ‘n’ roll artists.

And I couldn’t do a tribute to artists we lost without the theme song to The Golden Girls in honor of Betty White! Who cares if she’s not a musician! 

In a perfect world, all the tracks for a tribute ride would be from long-ago decades, as musicians leave this world of natural, age-related cause…but alas, that’s not the case this year. Decades range from the 1960s up to just a few years ago.

I pulled my songs from my yearly RIP bucket playlist we posted last month.

I hope you enjoy my 2021 tribute ride below. Here is one song I use that I only just discovered; it will be added to my higher-cadence bucket playlists. Hip-hop from the 1990s and 2000s is exceptional for fast-flat efforts. “Same Song” by Digital Underground (RIP, lead singer Shock G) is 103 rpm for 4 minutes; the tempo and rhythm help you stay committed to the cadence and effort.

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