RIP to Another Rock Icon, Gregg Allman

Gregg Allman left us this morning. He was 69. He and his band were among the iconic founders of the southern rock genre.

Honoring musical legends in our cycling classes when they leave this world is a great way to play tribute to amazing artists, while at the same time expanding your own musical repertoire. It gives you an excuse to play tracks you might not normally play—and who knows? You—and your riders—may discover genres you wouldn’t normally ride to!

I’ve been playing Allman Brothers songs since my early days of Spinning®. I’m not particularly a southern rock fan, but the tracks I’ve highlighted below just happen to be so perfect for indoor cycling.

Playing an entire playlist of Allman Brothers songs might be a little much, so I’ve compiled a Spotify playlist of southern rock tracks for your tribute class. Just make sure to include the four songs below—they are among the Allman Brothers’ best. The typical bpm of the Allman Brothers’ style works best for simulating flat roads, so keep that in mind as you plan your profile—you may need to scroll through the playlist to find some climbing songs.

If you do put together a profile and playlist of southern rock, would you kindly share it in the comments?

Jessica, Brothers and Sisters
At 101 bpm, this song makes a quintessential fast flat. It is great for any endurance-based ride, or a tempo ride (higher-end endurance at faster cadences), or if you need a longer recovery. It’s even good for a warm-up. There are no lyrics, just amazing guitar playing and keyboards. The very moment the song starts, you will see smiles spread across your older riders’ faces.

I have been teaching a winter training program at one club every winter for the past four years. A couple of participants have been to every one of them. One 70-year-old rider (you would never know it—he’s quite fit and cycles all the big mountains around here), Rocky, especially loves when I play classic rock. I found out the very first year this is one of his favorite songs, so every year since then, I put this track into one of my higher-cadence profiles, give him a nod, and say, “This one’s for you, Rocky!”

Ramblin’ Man, Brothers and Sisters
Another quintessential flat road song, so perfect at 91 bpm. Use it anywhere you need to spin the legs—warm-up, recovery, endurance, tempo.

Midnight Rider, Idlewild South
Another flat at 86 bpm, this one a chilled warm-up, cool-down, or recovery. Or use it to ease into your profile as your second song. 

Melissa, Eat a Peach
This will be your cool-down. Period.

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  1. Just a few additions: ABB – No One To Run With – gigantic cruncher climb /// ABB – Kind Of Bird – an 8 minute trip where every position is possible – just jam! /// ABB – Hootchie-Koochie Man – big stomping climb /// Marshall Tucker – 24 Hours At A Time – great seated climb /// Lynyrd Skynyrd – Tuesday’s Gone – another great seated climb, segue standing /// anything quick by Willie Nelson makes a perfect seated flat!

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