Seven tips for success when standing out of the saddle at higher cadences

As a follow-up to my post last week about high cadences, here are seven tips to increase success for pedaling quickly while standing. This article reiterates that each individual will have their own “threshold” of cadence while standing and reviews when and why this movement is appropriate or not. Last week I wrote a post on higher cadences while standing up. I’d like to go into a little more detail on proper technique, when it may or may not be appropriate, and provide some tips on how to be more successful at pedaling quickly while standing.

Earlier this summer, I posted an article about proper hip angle when standing. That discussion also applies to higher-cadence pedaling when standing with lower resistance. It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of resistance to simulate a climb or a big gear, or whether you are on a flat road in a lower gear–there is never any instance where one would “unfold” and stand straight up while pedaling without losing power or effectiveness in turning the pedals. Unfolding while trying to stand up and pedal quickly is a surefire route to failure.

In addition to hip angle, there are a few additional form issues to consider when trying to pedal quickly when standing. Again, I want to emphasize that when I talk about “fast pedaling” while standing, I’m talking about 80 rpm up to about 95 rpm. Anything above that is limited to the rare exceptions of exceptional skill and/or a fleeting explosive power.

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