Spinning® Cadence Drills Video

I am forever grateful to Johnny G and to Mad Dogg Athletics and Spinning® for not only creating Spinning but also for giving me the opportunity to work with such a great company as a master instructor from 1997 to 2009. In this photo to the left are Michael Ferrante and Josh Taylor, still going strong with MDA and Spinning.

Thanks to ICA member Mauricio Gooiker in the Netherlands for finding and sharing this video on Twitter. I have to say, I never saw the completed product! While I was with Mad Dogg Athletics and Spinning® I wrote the workshop and manual for the new cadence meter when it was unveiled in 2005. I went out to Spinning® headquarters to shoot the DVD that went along with the meters, along with Doug Katona (in the video with me). What an honor it was to work with Doug!

This is a short segment of the drills we provided. (I’m surprised the lighting wasn’t better…I remember being so hot from the lights beaming down on us.) Enjoy!


  1. Yes I also cannot open some videos posted on my iPad now such as this one. I could open the webinar on breathing and the quick learning moment on toe cages however. Thanks, Julie Zweck-Bronner

  2. I love doing cadence drills as do the class when I coach them. I also think it teaches the participants to be honest with their resistance to take out the bounce that so often happens when cadence increases.

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    Is it just me as lately I couldn’t open any videos of yours on iPad, but I could with Tom’s posts? Did you change the format? I should go to my desktop and hope I can view yours for now. If possible, could you include the link of the video just in case (?) Thank you.
    PS. I am still alive 😉 but struggling to gain some classes back after the long trip a year ago. Currently have only one class and am not as popular as before. It is very discouraging, but I am hanging there.

  4. Thank you for this! We’ll be working on accelerations in my next class, and your explanations and wording really help me pull my own instructions together. I wish our club bikes had readouts of time/ rpm, etc. I have to rely on music and having them match my cadence.

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