Your Students NEED You! Here’s Why…

If there was ever a better time to join the Indoor Cycling Association, I’m not sure when that would be!

Not only because if you join now as a yearly member you get the regular bonus e-book How to Create Profiles but also because you get both of my popular e-books that are for sale in our library, Keep it Real and Top Ten Ways to Stay Motivated as an Indoor Cycling Instructor.

Also because you get a free month when you sign up now.

All those bonuses add up to a $60 value.

But the real reason why now is the best time to join ICA is that your students need you!

They will be pouring through the studio doors in much greater numbers starting about now.

  • They need you to inspire them in ways you’ve never done before! Intrinsic coaching, visualization, powerful motivations, and more.
  • They need new, fun, and challenging profiles that don’t take you hours to put together. Epic climbs, effective intervals, challenging racing scenarios, fun games, and theme rides, etc.
  • They need to hear a wide variety of music that magically inspires them as they ride.
  • They need you to guide them on the path to better fitness using scientifically proven techniques.
  • They need you to be able to answer their questions correctly about calories, fat burning/weight loss, heart rate, threshold, endurance, cadence, resistance, proper technique, and more!
  • They need to know the difference between effective training and gimmicks.

Your membership at the Indoor Cycling Association will give you everything you need to be a more empowering instructor so you can fill your classes with raving fans!

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  1. I raise my 2 hands and bow down to ICA. The topics they offer go beyound indoor cycling instruction. Not only the ICA is trasforming me to become a better fitness instructor, I am better & wiser today as a person because of the ICA. I just wish I could have more time to go through all the topics. I will keep learning. Thank you. nobuko

  2. Joining ICA years back was the best thing I ever did to becoming a better indoor cycling instructor! Thank you Jennifer and everyone else that has been a part of ICA . Julie Zweck-Bronner

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