Summertime Playlist

Here in the northern hemisphere, it’s finally summer. Most schools are getting out around now, families are planning their summer vacations. For much of this side of the globe, it was a colder and longer than normal harsh winter*. It’s time to celebrate! This is a great time to pull out some of your favorite summer-themed songs. 

And if you live in the southern hemisphere (reminder…we have a global audience at ICA!) then when you’re dreaming of sun and sand and warmth, this too is a great time to pull out a summer-themed playlist and ride, just like we did a few months ago when no one could believe there was another storm coming!

And for those of you snickering at us because you live in regions that have two seasons of hot and not-quite-as-hot and only wear long sleeves a few days a year, well, phooey on you! You can use this playlist 12 months a year! 😉

*As an example, here in some parts of Colorado, we got more snow in May that we did in January or February. I read one report that said snowfall for May was 240% above normal! This is why I’m sluggish and out of shape (for me, at least) since I have only been riding outside for a few weeks.

Anyway, download your playlist here! As usual, if you have any more fun songs to add, please leave them in the comments and I’ll add them to next year’s list.


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