The Breathing While Riding Webinar with Victor Jiminez

Our guest speaker for this webinar is Victor Jiminez, the founder of BicycleLab, based in Carrboro, North Carolina (near Raleigh). BicycleLab specializes in helping people become better athletes and cyclists through bicycle fit, proper technique, and learning about equipment.

Victor and I have chatted about the importance of proper breathing in cycling and indoor cycling. It’s a subject that every instructor needs to learn more about because there are so many instructors who are inadvertently inhibiting their students’ potential performance by coaching them to “hold the abs in.” You are going to find out that this is not necessary when riding an indoor bike…or any bike for that matter. Instead, you’ll learn the proper mechanics of breathing while riding, and the benefits you’ll gain from doing it correctly.

I know you are going to find this webinar extremely interesting.


  1. I am a new member and would LOVE to know how to get a page on this site where I could download all of the audios of classes and webinars to my computer. This way I can listen to them while on my long commute. Can you direct me to such a page?

  2. Great tips and information! Gave me some new insights, and confirms and builds on a lot of what I already teach–empowering! 🙂

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