TBT (From the Archives) The Coaches Corner: Using Your Coaching Radar

Welcome to our Throwback Thursday (TBT), where we dig up some fantastic articles from our archives to help you on your journey to become a better cycling coach.

(Janet Toussaint, Master Spinning Instructor, contributed this article to ICA in 2011.)

Teaching SpinningĀ® and indoor cycling has been large part of my life since 1996 when I was first certified as a Spinning instructor by Mad Dogg Athletics. I became a master instructor the following year. Since that time, much has transpired in the world of indoor cycling, from the bikes to the certification process, and the continuing education that surrounds it.

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  1. I love two things about this article. One, the concept of a coaching radar. Two, the great explanation of the value of coaching off the bike. Good job!!

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