The Gentle Coach

Do you like to be yelled at or do you like to be listened to? Will you perform better for someone yelling in your ear, or with gentle encouragement from someone you trust?

I ask you to consider the idea of “gentle coaching” as you develop your own unique coaching style. Even if your natural style is more authoritative, you may find some ideas here that will help you personalize and expand your appeal to your students.

First and foremost, gentle coaching is free of ego. The gentle coach gives students power over their own experience. Gentle coaching is sharing your knowledge and leadership while leaving control of the experience with the student.


  1. That’s a great testimony, Shaera. A shout can be inspirational but the right quiet statement can be even more so. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I recently attended 4 classes where 3 instructors were gentle coaches & the 4th a drill instructor. While I don’t mind the drill instruction (father is retired Navy), I wholeheartedly feel gentle coaching just gives of an incredible vibe where I’m comfortable to focus on my own goals. Interestingly, I worked harder with the gentle coaches than the drill instructor. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Author

    Thanks Laurie, I have had the same experience and I agree with you. Thanks for saying you enjoyed the article.

  4. I have one instructor who ego-trips duriing class and one who gentle coaches during class. I work harder with the gentle coaching for sure. Thanks for a great article.

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