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Thanksgiving Profile: The Gratitude Ride

Thanksgiving in the US is coming up quickly, but nations from all over the world share in the need for and the desire to express gratitude. A few years ago I posted a 90-minute Gratitude Ride, and am reposting it here. Still the same great songs with the concept of appetizer, main course, and dessert, plus the dedication to gratitude, but updated with a few new cues. If you are a newer member, you may not have known about this profile. I am sure you are going to enjoy it with your students—it is one of the rides that generated the most e-mails of thanks!

As a suggestion, if you want to combine two themes, take some of the cues and concepts from The Ride of Intention and blend them with this ride. Gratitude and using your intention to achieve your goals are very aligned and make great companions!

ICA Gratitude Ride Profile

There are two songs in this profile that are challenging to find as the versions I recommend are not available as MP3s – ‘Feeling Good’ and ‘Now We Are Free’. They are available on CD on many used CD sites, so you may want to start searching early.  I was able to find a different version of ‘Feeling Good’ in Spotify but could not find ‘Now We Are Free’.  I do provide suggestions for alternate versions if you cannot find these tracks. Or you can refer back to our Thanksgiving Day playlist for other options.

Now We Are Free 

Feeling Good   



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  1. I have taught your Gratitude Ride the last 2 years on Thanksgiving morning. My class absolutely loves it and finds the music inspiring. I feel that it really sets the tone for the rest of the holiday. Thank you for sharing this wonderful ride with us!

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